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November 2016 Archives

Four Things You Should Know About Protective Orders In New Jersey

If you're escaping an abusive marriage, you may want to protect yourself by filing a protective order against your spouse. This limits the amount and type of contact the abusive spouse can have with you. Of course, the devil is in the details: Make sure you understand what the order does and does not do.

A look at property division in New Jersey

When couples get divorced in Mount Holly, they must decide how to split up all of the property they have amassed before and during their marriage. Ideally, things work best when both people can reach an agreement amicably and avoid a trip to court. However, sometimes that is not always possible and it falls to the legal system to decide how the property split will go.

What is New Jersey’s Matrimonial Early Settlement Program?

The New Jersey Matrimonial Early Settlement Program is a form of alternate dispute resolution that allows parties to settle their divorce without the need for a costly and emotional trial. If your divorce from your spouse is not that contentious or there are just a few financial issues that need hammering out, the MESP may be good option as it can allow you to reach an agreement with as little drama as possible.

How to protect your finances in a divorce

Practically no one goes into a marriage anticipating that it will end in divorce. Therefore, most people do not give much thought as to how their financial situation would change if they were to split from their spouse in New Jersey. However, if they do end up finding themselves in the situation where a split is happening, knowing their options and how to protect themselves financially can go a long way.