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January 2017 Archives

New rule allows adoptees to discover birth parents' identities

Families in Burlington County who have dealt with adoption know that there are often many emotional aspects associated with the process. Each family may deal with the situation differently in terms of revealing the circumstances surrounding the adoption. People who are adopted as children often wonder about their birth parents and many choose to seek out their parents' identities upon becoming adults.

Is it possible to serve divorce papers over social media?

Service of divorce papers must be completed by certain methods to ensure that they go to the correct person and to confirm that the person actually received them. If you are going through a divorce in New Jersey, chances are you know exactly where to find your ex. However, what if your ex took off after your split and you did not know where they moved?

Pet custody battles becoming increasingly common

Couples who get married share their entire lives together. For many families in Colorado, this also means sharing the care of a family pet. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, 63 percent of households in this country are pet owning families, with dogs accounting for the majority. These animals are often deeply loved and considered members of the family. But when a couple splits up, the question of who gets the pet often becomes complicated.

A prenuptial agreement can be a helpful tool for many couples

Many couples in Mount Holly may have heard about prenuptial agreements and assumed that they are a bad thing or that they would never need one. While there is certainly some stigma attached to them, prenuptial agreements are not necessarily a bad thing and many couple may even benefit from entering into one.

What factors go into calculating child support in NJ?

Whether you will be the giver or receiver of child support in Mount Holly, you are likely interested in how the court goes about figuring out how much the monthly or weekly number should be. There is a sort of formula that is used to calculate the amount and there are a number of different factors that are considered.

Do You Have To Pay Alimony When Your Ex Moves On?

Think your former spouse has a serious partner? If so, you may wonder if you still have to keep paying alimony. Similarly, if you have a new partner post-divorce, you may wonder if or how long you can still get alimony if you don't get remarried. The answer depends in part on whether the new couple is living together. Before 2014, if the new couple didn't officially live together, they were not considered to be cohabitating. Therefore, it would be difficult for someone seeking to terminate alimony to make a successful case on those grounds.

Understanding parental alienation and how it occurs

For people in Mount Holly whose divorce was steeped in conflict, the parties may have had difficulty agreeing to a child custody arrangement. Therefore, it may be helpful for those people to be aware of a problem known as parental alienation. Being a victim of this vicious phenomenon can be devastating and leave a parent left wondering how it could happen.

Why January is known as “divorce month”

When filing for divorce in Mount Holly, the timing of it can be a vital issue for some people. At The Law Office of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, we understand that getting a divorce can be very overwhelming and that getting answers to your questions is important to you. While splitting from your spouse is never convenient, avoiding doing so at certain times of year is sometimes desirable.