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February 2017 Archives

When does a child support obligation end in New Jersey?

There are often many financial factors involved in getting divorced in Mount Holly. For couples with children, child support payments are a key aspect of the divorce settlement. Regardless of whether you are the giver or receiver of child support, knowing when those payments will end is vital for financial planning purposes.

5 ways to survive divorce with a stable financial future

Whether friendly or tense, a divorce can wreak havoc on your entire well-being. By the end, you may find yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and financially drained. As you face the tasks of putting your life back together, the last thing you need is to discover that you did not prepare yourself financially. If you want a secure, stable financial future, the time to start planning is before or during the divorce.

What to know about taxes and alimony payments

As tax time approaches, many people in Mount Holly may be unsure about how their divorce will affect their tax return. Anyone who makes or receives alimony payments will need to report them to the Internal Revenue Service. Here is how alimony will affect a person’s tax status.

How long does it take to get divorced in New Jersey?

Once you decide to get a divorce in Mount Holly, you may feel a sense of relief or even a sense of eagerness to get the process over with. How long it will take until your divorce is finalized will depend on a number of factors. In general, splits that are amicable and where the terms are easily agreed to will take less time to resolve than those that are contentious.

What does it mean to have joint child custody?

For those who are dealing with the New Jersey family courts for the first time, the system can be difficult and intimidating to navigate. If you are getting divorced and are a parent, child custody will likely be one of the most important issues you will face. Therefore, it may be helpful to have an understanding of the different types of custody that exist.