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April 2017 Archives

Paying child support when your child is gifted

When a couple divorces in Mount Holly, New Jersey, the court will generally decide on matters such as child custody and child support. How much a parent who pays child support is on the hook for will depend largely on the individual situation and the income of both parents. That amount usually takes into consideration any activities that the child participates in. However, parents of kids who are particularly gifted or talented at a particular sport or art may find themselves paying more to support their child’s endeavors.

Tips for co-parenting after a divorce

Getting divorced in Mount Holly can be a difficult time. When a couple has children together, they often have the added challenge of becoming a two-household family. However, parenting together while living apart is possible if both parties are willing to but in the extra effort.

What happens to credit card debt in a divorce?

When you go through a divorce in New Jersey, you and your spouse will likely divide your assets in a way that is equitable to both parties. However, if one or both of you has debts at the time of your split, those may also need to be divided up. Here is what you should know about how credit card debt may be divided in a divorce.

Victims of domestic violence do not fit a certain mold

Dealing with domestic violence in Mount Holly is never easy. Sometimes taking legal action against an abusive partner becomes necessary. Even after the abuse ends, victims are often left dealing with the psychological effects and wondering if they are somehow to blame.