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Detailing New Jersey's income withholding guidelines

While most divorced parents who are obliged to pay child support may not have an issue supporting their children, missed payments remain a problem both in Mount Holly and throughout the rest of the U.S. Those who have been named as obligees of a child support agreement may fear that any unsettled disputes between them and their ex-spouses may prompt obligors not to pay. However, in many cases, child support payments are not made through an "on-my-honor" system (meaning that it is simply left up to the obligor to make his or her payments). Rather, if an obligor has regular employment, he or she is required to pay through an income withholding. 

Paying child support when your child is gifted

When a couple divorces in Mount Holly, New Jersey, the court will generally decide on matters such as child custody and child support. How much a parent who pays child support is on the hook for will depend largely on the individual situation and the income of both parents. That amount usually takes into consideration any activities that the child participates in. However, parents of kids who are particularly gifted or talented at a particular sport or art may find themselves paying more to support their child’s endeavors.

When does a child support obligation end in New Jersey?

There are often many financial factors involved in getting divorced in Mount Holly. For couples with children, child support payments are a key aspect of the divorce settlement. Regardless of whether you are the giver or receiver of child support, knowing when those payments will end is vital for financial planning purposes.

What factors go into calculating child support in NJ?

Whether you will be the giver or receiver of child support in Mount Holly, you are likely interested in how the court goes about figuring out how much the monthly or weekly number should be. There is a sort of formula that is used to calculate the amount and there are a number of different factors that are considered.

What happens if I do not receive my child support payments?

If a New Jersey court has ordered child support payments but you have not been receiving them from your child’s other parent, your situation is not hopeless. There are steps that can be taken and government resources that exist that can help you recover the payments that you are owed. According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, the Child Support Program is able to assist in enforcement actions in a few different ways.

Child care a major financial factor for many New Jersey families

When it comes to child support matters, there are a wide range of things that can end up having significant long-term implications. One is what is ultimately decided regarding how child care costs will be divided between the two parents. So, when it comes to child-care-related matters in child support cases, a parent may want to get advice from a skilled child support lawyer.