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Landmark ruling changes standard for parents who want to relocate

Most divorced parents in Mount Holly who share custody cherish the time that they get to spend with their children. Courts usually work hard to ensure that parenting time is split fairly and in a way that benefits the children the most. However, when one parent wishes to rock the boat by moving away, it can cause big problems.

The role of grandparents during divorce

When a divorce takes place in New Jersey, the children are greatly affected, sometimes even more so than the parents. In those cases, it is important that members of the extended family rally together to provide emotional support. Grandparents in particular may play a significant role in the healing process. According to The Attached Family, grandparents benefit children in a variety of ways. Not only do they offer emotional support, but they may also provide social stability during a very uncertain time in the children's lives. Close, regular interaction with grandparents may even help prevent the negative psychological effects that some children face in adulthood as a result of their parents' divorce.

A woman can be a husband, Tennessee judge finds

What constitutes a family in New Jersey these days is often very different than what was considered traditional in times past. Laws have not necessarily been updated to reflect that and it often falls to the courts to interpret and make sense of the statutes that are on the books. When it comes to the issue of who is entitled to parental rights, things can sometimes take a controversial turn.

4 strategies for contesting a will

When a parent dies, emotions run high. The tremendous loss often raises a lot of questions for heirs. Sometimes disputes about money, assets and other estate administration matters cause or deepen rifts among siblings. If your parent has recently passed away and you are concerned about the execution of the will, you may be able to challenge it. Learn about the New Jersey rules for contesting a will and potential strategies.

New rule allows adoptees to discover birth parents' identities

Families in Burlington County who have dealt with adoption know that there are often many emotional aspects associated with the process. Each family may deal with the situation differently in terms of revealing the circumstances surrounding the adoption. People who are adopted as children often wonder about their birth parents and many choose to seek out their parents' identities upon becoming adults.