A prenuptial agreement can be a helpful tool for many couples

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Divorce

Many couples in Mount Holly may have heard about prenuptial agreements and assumed that they are a bad thing or that they would never need one. While there is certainly some stigma attached to them, prenuptial agreements are not necessarily a bad thing and many couple may even benefit from entering into one.

According to Business Insider, most prenuptial agreements cover the division of a couple’s property in the event of divorce. They are often used to protect certain assets that each person has entering into the marriage. For those who are very wealthy, that can be very important. But some people choose to incorporate how their debts will be handled into their prenuptial agreements, and that is something relatable to people of almost all income levels. Credit cards and student loan debt loom large for many couples who are just starting out and addressing what will happen to those obligations if a divorce should occur can possibly avoid a messy fight in court somewhere down the road.

Some of the negative hype around prenuptial agreements is that signing one seems like the parties are dooming the marriage from the very get go, points out MarketWatch. Approaching a partner about signing one can be very nerve-racking and the person on the receiving end may feel that their partner does not trust them or is trying to cheat them out of something before the marriage even begins.

However, many couples do not have lengthy financial discussions before they get married and end up dealing with significant problems later on. Signing a prenuptial agreement forces a couple to communicate and have an open, honest discussion about their financial future and for many, that actually leads to a healthier marriage in the long run.