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Estate Planning

The best defense against a will contest is to prepare a will, power of attorney, health care power of attorney and advance directive. Utilizing our firm to prepare these documents can save thousands of dollars in the need to obtain guardianship or costly estate litigation. The Law Firm of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, can help you prepare these documents so that your assets will go to your loved one and not be spent on costly litigation.

Estate Administration And Disputes

Those who have lost a loved one in New Jersey often find themselves with many questions about how to administer an estate, how to receive a timely and fair distribution of assets and possibly how to challenge the contents of a loved one’s will.

At The Law Firm of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, we provide a variety of estate and probate services to address issues related to:

  • Administration: Our guidance allows executors/personal representatives to get through the probate and estate administration process as efficiently as possible.
  • Will contests: Those who believe a will is invalid because of undue influence or other related factors, or administrators who need assistance defending against such challenges, benefit from the proven legal strategies used by our estate dispute lawyer.
  • Forcing fair administration of the estate: Whether an administrator is needlessly delaying the distribution process or is making imprudent decisions regarding the estate, our accomplished estate and probate attorney can help you force a fair administration.
  • Partition: In certain circumstances, the heirs do not agree on what should be done with property in the estate and it must be legally divided through a process known as partition.

In these and all other estate and probate matters, we offer cost-effective services that allow our clients to focus on their emotional and financial needs while we handle all legal aspects of their cases.

If you are concerned about the physical or financial well-being of a vulnerable loved one, we can also help you protect against harm by using the guardianship function of the probate court.

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