When does a child support obligation end in New Jersey?

There are often many financial factors involved in getting divorced in Mount Holly. For couples with children, child support payments are a key aspect of the divorce settlement. Regardless of whether you are the giver or receiver of child support, knowing when those payments will end is vital for financial planning purposes.

According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, a new law regarding the termination of child support took effect on February 1, 2017. Beginning on that date, the obligation to pay child support will automatically terminate when a child turns 19. If you have other children that are younger than 19, child support will still continue for them.

In certain situations, child support may continue beyond a child’s 19th birthday. If you and your ex specifically agree to extend child support payments, then they may continue. If the child is still in high school or pursuing a secondary education, payments may continue until the child turns 23. Payments may also continue until age 23 if the child is disabled.

It is important to note that if you are receiving child support and would like it go on after your child turns 19, you will need to submit supporting documentation showing that your situation qualifies. Otherwise, termination will automatically occur on the child’s 19th birthday. Finally, if any past child support amounts are outstanding at the time of termination, those will still need to be paid even after the obligation terminates. This should not be considered legal advice and is provided only as general information on this topic.