Second marriages and divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2017 | Divorce

Circumstances can be quite different for a person when they are getting married for a second time than when they are entering a first marriage. Some examples include that:

  • Their financial situation can be more complex.
  • Their views on marriage, family and divorce can have shifted, and be shifting, quite a bit.
  • They can be carrying baggage from their past marriage.
  • Their family situation can be very different.

Given these kinds of things, a range of unique issues can come up during a second or later marriage. These issues can sometimes pose challenges within the marriage. In a recent Huffington Post article, therapists noted that circumstances like the ones mentioned above are among the things that can make second marriages more prone to divorce. Statistics have indicated that divorce likelihood is lower in first marriages than it is in subsequent ones.

So, being aware of and addressing the special issues related to second or later marriages can be important for individuals entering such marriages.

Second or later marriages can also raise unique issues when couples decide to end them. For example, things like having kids from a past marriage or still having financial obligations from a past divorce can raise special concerns for a person who is ending a second or later marriage through divorce. How these issues are addressed can have all sorts of ramifications. So, a person going through a second or later divorce may want legal guidance from an experienced divorce attorney when addressing such issues and the other matters in their divorce.

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