Paying child support when your child is gifted

When a couple divorces in Mount Holly, New Jersey, the court will generally decide on matters such as child custody and child support. How much a parent who pays child support is on the hook for will depend largely on the individual situation and the income of both parents. That amount usually takes into consideration any activities that the child participates in. However, parents of kids who are particularly gifted or talented at a particular sport or art may find themselves paying more to support their child’s endeavors.

As the Huffington Post points out, pursuing an athletic dream can be very expensive. Costs for equipment, travel and coaching can all add up very quickly. One parent may then look to the other to contribute additional child support in order to be able to afford the things their driven kid requires.

Much discretion in these matters is left to the judge who decides the child support amount. Usually, it must be demonstrated that the child does in fact possess a rare or extraordinary talent and is committed to succeeding at the highest level.

A recent case in New Jersey put this issue to the test. According to, the child of a divorced couple wants to pursue an acting career. Her mother asked the court to require her ex-husband to pay for 50 percent of the costs involved, such as travel expenses and clothing. The judge determined that the girl’s determination and ability were such that she could be considered gifted and each parent was ordered to contribute additional weekly money in furtherance of her career.