Victims of domestic violence do not fit a certain mold

Dealing with domestic violence in Mount Holly is never easy. Sometimes taking legal action against an abusive partner becomes necessary. Even after the abuse ends, victims are often left dealing with the psychological effects and wondering if they are somehow to blame.

However, domestic abuse does not only happen to one type of person. Victims can come from any background. A person’s socioeconomic status, age or race cannot predict whether he or she will suffer abuse at the hands of a loved one. Globally, one in seven men have been the victim of abuse, as has one in four women.

No matter who the victim is, leaving their partner is never simple, particularly if there are children involved. There are different reasons why victims may be reluctant to leave, such as a lack of money or shame. In fact, in order for a woman to leave an abusive partner, it typically takes seven tries.

Domestic violence continues to be a problem in the United States, including in New Jersey. In 2016, 52 people died from intimate partner violence. In addition, the number of restraining orders issued as a result of domestic abuse rose by 950 between 2014 and 2015. However, this does not necessarily mean that domestic violence is increasing, as it is also possible that more people are reporting abuse.

Legal protections, such as restraining orders, can be useful and sometimes necessary tools for those who are in need of help. People who are coping with being in an abusive relationship may wish to contact an experienced attorney.

Source: The Press of Atlantic City, “When it comes to domestic violence, a victim could be anyone,” Madison Russ, April 2, 2017