What you should know about domestic violence

Leaving an abusive relationship in Mount Holly may involve considerations that go beyond the emotional trauma you have suffered as a result of the mistreatment. At The Law Firm of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, we understand the challenges that victims of domestic violence face, and our compassionate team has often provided legal advice and representation people need to break free of the situation.

The decision to get away from a physically or verbally abusive person may involve some fear that your spouse will make threats or emotionally hurtful attempts to persuade you to stay, or become violent in response to your leaving. In these cases, legal intervention such as a restraining order is often necessary to prevent further contact and keep you and your children from experiencing more harm.

Whether you are escaping or merely leaving, being suddenly financially responsible for yourself and your children could be frightening. However, as the breadwinner of your household, your spouse will typically be required to pay child support, and you may be awarded spousal support, as well, depending on the circumstances.

People who are married are not the only ones that may become victims of domestic violence. If you are living with a significant other who harms or threatens harm to you or someone else in your family, you may face the same difficulties that a spouse would. Consequently, many of the same resources may be available to you to address these. More information about protections available to victims of abusive relationships is available on our web page.