Three-way custody decisions becoming more commonplace

For parents in Mount Holly who are not married, issues of custody and parenting time are vitally important. Families nowadays come in many forms and the traditional solutions of the past may not be suitable for every situation. At The Law Office of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, we understand that every family has its own unique situation and that receiving fair and quality parenting time is crucial to you.

The number of families that do not fit the traditional mold are growing and courts and lawmakers are having to adapt to that fact. One way they are doing so is allowing custody to be granted to three parents, according to the Blaze. Two states, Maine and California, have actually passed laws allowing this practice. A handful of other states, including New Jersey, have seen court cases where judges have granted three-way custody.

One New Jersey case centered around a woman and her friend who had a child together. However, when the woman wished to move out of state, the friend and his husband sued for custody. The court found that the friend’s husband was a parent in the psychological sense even though he was not biologically related to the child. Custody was given equally to the three adults.

Some fear that allowing this type of arrangement can increase conflict and negatively affect a child’s emotional state and academic performance. However, others point to the increased support that the child receives from having three parents. For more information on issues surrounding the allocation of parenting time, please visit our web page.