The nature of prenuptial agreements may be shifting

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Divorce

Any couple who is getting married in Mount Holly has probably heard of of a prenuptial agreement. Sometimes called prenups, they are typically used to hash out agreements on certain issues should one of the partners pass away or should the marriage end in divorce. They are commonly used by people who are very wealthy and wish to handle their assets a certain way and by people who have children from prior marriages. However, times inevitably change and it appears as though the types of things people are including in their prenups is changing with them.

One area in which some lawyers report seeing increased activity is the inclusion of lifestyle clauses, according to MarketWatch. A lifestyle clause dictates something about how one or both partners may go about leading their lives. For example, this type of language in a prenup may cover a certain behavior. Perhaps a spouse wants to limit how much his or her partner smokes or drinks, or wants to make sure that they spend a certain amount of time on vacation together each year.

Other people may try to use a prenup to set rules about their partners’ appearance. Some may also cover what happends if one of them cheats or who and when they are allowed to date after the divorce. However, in all likelihood, enforcing such provisions in court may prove somewhat difficult.

In addition, Bloomberg points out that some people, particularly those who are part of the millennial generation, are also using prenups as a way to protect things that are intangible going into their marriage. Many young people are not willing to risk losing profits from an idea that has not yet come to fruition. Ideas for businesses, inventions and apps are amont these, as are artistic inspirations for songs or screenplays. This certainly represents a new and different way that people are using prenups to protect their future finances.