Post-Judgment Enforcement And Modification

The Law Firm of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, offers comprehensive representation to those with legal needs involving enforcement or modification of divorce judgments in New Jersey. Many times, those who use our services in this area of law are previous clients who were so satisfied with how we handled their divorce, they come back to our firm knowing that a familiar face and trusted adviser is waiting for them.

Enforcing Divorce Orders

For child support enforcement matters or any other issues related to enforcement actions, the best thing you can do to begin the process is contact our office. We will pair you with an attorney who has more than two decades of matrimonial law experience — Michael Rothmel. He will guide you through the enforcement motion process, help you understand what to expect at enforcement hearings and assertively advocate on your behalf. Whether you need help enforcing the terms of an order, or defending against inaccurate accusations of noncompliance with an order, our entire family law team is behind you through all stages of your case.

My Situation Has Changed. Can I Modify The Divorce Order?

While it depends on the specifics of your situation, in many cases it is possible to obtain a modification of child custody, child support, spousal support or other topics addressed in the divorce order. To accomplish this, you must show that your circumstances, or those of your former spouse, have substantially changed since your divorce was finalized. In many situations, this substantial change is the loss of a job or a request to relocate with your children.

We help clients across Burlington County and the surrounding region submit modification motions that comply with procedural requirements and the strongest case possible to get their requests granted.

Contact The Law Firm Of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC

Reach out to our firm to schedule an initial consultation with our lawyer and find out how we can help you request a modification to or enforcement of your divorce order, or help you defend against such requests by your ex-spouse.