Child Support And Alimony Lawyer

The Law Firm of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, is a well-known resource for those with divorce, child support and alimony issues in Mount Holly and South Jersey. Everyone at our office, from firm founder Michael Rothmel to our paralegal and office manager, has more than 20 years of experience each in the field of matrimonial law. This makes us especially adept at finding creative solutions and effective ways to address any type of support issues that arise in a divorce.

Child Support

Led by a child support attorney who has served Burlington County and nearby communities for more than two decades, we are well-acquainted with all of the factors that can impact child support payments. Just a few of these include:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Business income of the self-employed
  • How much time the child spends in the care of each parent
  • How many children are in the family
  • College expenses
  • Medical expenses (both child and parent)
  • Forms of debt that each parent holds

We also understand how and why the court may deviate from proposed guidelines in order to make a fair determination of child support based on these and other factors.

Spousal Support/Alimony

Spousal support is awarded in a divorce to help each of the former spouses maintain, as closely as possible, the lifestyle he or she had during the marriage. New Jersey law not only provides a starting point for the factors that a court may look at, but also leaves room for interpretation and analysis of other factors that are found in each specific situation. Our experienced legal team knows how to present your circumstances in a way that shows the court how much alimony should be paid or received, as well as how long the payments should last, in order for you to be treated fairly.

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