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Some New Jersey towns report high rates of domestic violence

While some victims of domestic violence in New Jersey choose not to report their abuse, many others do choose to alert the authorities. When the police become involved, a formal record is created. The numbers are in for 2015 and it appears as though, geographically speaking, certain towns have higher incidences of domestic violence than others.

What you should know about domestic violence

Leaving an abusive relationship in Mount Holly may involve considerations that go beyond the emotional trauma you have suffered as a result of the mistreatment. At The Law Firm of Michael S. Rothmel, LLC, we understand the challenges that victims of domestic violence face, and our compassionate team has often provided legal advice and representation people need to break free of the situation.

Victims of domestic violence do not fit a certain mold

Dealing with domestic violence in Mount Holly is never easy. Sometimes taking legal action against an abusive partner becomes necessary. Even after the abuse ends, victims are often left dealing with the psychological effects and wondering if they are somehow to blame.

Domestic violence spikes over the holidays: fact or fiction?

You may hear or read stories in Mount Holly this time of year about how incidences of domestic violence increase greatly during the holiday season. On the surface, such a claim would seem to make a lot of sense. Holidays can be very stressful and many people are under pressure from their families. Add alcohol to the mix and it would be easy to see how violent incidents could follow.

Four Things You Should Know About Protective Orders In New Jersey

If you're escaping an abusive marriage, you may want to protect yourself by filing a protective order against your spouse. This limits the amount and type of contact the abusive spouse can have with you. Of course, the devil is in the details: Make sure you understand what the order does and does not do.

Kicker's release shines light on domestic violence in the NFL

Many people in New Jersey are victims of domestic violence, and they are far from alone. More than 10 million people are harmed by an intimate partner each year, reports the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and some offenders display a repeated pattern of behavior.