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The nature of prenuptial agreements may be shifting

Any couple who is getting married in Mount Holly has probably heard of of a prenuptial agreement. Sometimes called prenups, they are typically used to hash out agreements on certain issues should one of the partners pass away or should the marriage end in divorce. They are commonly used by people who are very wealthy and wish to handle their assets a certain way and by people who have children from prior marriages. However, times inevitably change and it appears as though the types of things people are including in their prenups is changing with them.

Detailing New Jersey's income withholding guidelines

While most divorced parents who are obliged to pay child support may not have an issue supporting their children, missed payments remain a problem both in Mount Holly and throughout the rest of the U.S. Those who have been named as obligees of a child support agreement may fear that any unsettled disputes between them and their ex-spouses may prompt obligors not to pay. However, in many cases, child support payments are not made through an "on-my-honor" system (meaning that it is simply left up to the obligor to make his or her payments). Rather, if an obligor has regular employment, he or she is required to pay through an income withholding. 

Describing the different types of alimony in New Jersey

The end of your marriage in Mount Holly can bring with it a great deal of uncertainty, particularly if your ex-spouse was the primary income earner in your home. Of the many clients in your same situation that we here at The Law Firm of Michael S Rothmel LLC have worked with in the past, some look forward to supporting themselves, while others fear that they will not be able to return to same standard of living they had while married. Whereever in that spectrum you may fall, know that the state has different forms of alimony that can custom-fit your situation.