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March 2017 Archives

Is it okay to use social media during my divorce?

Like many people going through a divorce in Mount Holly, social media may be an integral part of your everyday life. Whatever your reasons for using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, once you decide to participate in social media, your personal life and opinions are out there for all to see. That is why you may want to put your social media use on hold until after your divorce is finalized.

4 strategies for contesting a will

When a parent dies, emotions run high. The tremendous loss often raises a lot of questions for heirs. Sometimes disputes about money, assets and other estate administration matters cause or deepen rifts among siblings. If your parent has recently passed away and you are concerned about the execution of the will, you may be able to challenge it. Learn about the New Jersey rules for contesting a will and potential strategies.

Financial considerations when divorcing after 50

Going through a divorce in Mount Holly is never easy, no matter what a person’s age. However, for those whose marriages end after they are over 50, certain financial matters take on a special importance, particularly if only one person was the main breadwinner or handled all of the couple’s finances.

Things to consider before changing your name post-divorce

Going through a divorce in New Jersey can bring about many changes. New living situations, child custody arrangements and employment are just some of the things many people deal with after their marriage ends. For some people, changing their name is also something that comes with the territory. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether a name change is the right move.

Older women fare better financially after divorce than men

Going through a divorce in Mount Holly can be difficult to deal with at any age. However, for some people who are at or close to retirement age, a divorce can throw their financial lives into chaos and how they cope with that can affect their quality of life.

Second marriages and divorce

Circumstances can be quite different for a person when they are getting married for a second time than when they are entering a first marriage. Some examples include that:

What are the options when small business owners divorce?

Whether your New Jersey business existed before you got married or you and your spouse built it together, what happens to it after a divorce is likely of great concern. After you have poured countless hours, dollars and effort into creating a successful business, the idea of parting with it may not seem very attractive. If you and your spouse are headed for a divorce, there a few different options to consider when it comes to your small business.