Child care a major financial factor for many New Jersey families

When it comes to child support matters, there are a wide range of things that can end up having significant long-term implications. One is what is ultimately decided regarding how child care costs will be divided between the two parents. So, when it comes to child-care-related matters in child support cases, a parent may want to get advice from a skilled child support lawyer.

Why can child-care matters be such a big deal when it comes to child support? One reason is that child care costs often make up a rather large percentage of a family’s overall expenses, and thus can be a major part of a family’s overall financial situation. This can be seen in recent data on child care costs here in New Jersey.

According to the data, which came from a think tank (New America), the average annual cost of child care in the state is $17,868. This number is for full-time care. This state average exceeds the national average, which was found to be $16,514.

For many New Jersey families, this level of child care costs represents a big chuck of their overall income. It is over one-fourth of the median household income in the state. So, child care is often no minor expense.

Do you think there are things that can be done here in New Jersey to help significantly lower the child care costs facing the state’s families? If such things were done, what impacts do you think it would have on parents in the state, including divorced parents?

Source: New Jersey 101.5, “How much do you pay for child care? Study finds high costs in NJ,” Dino Flammia, Sept. 30, 2016